Our Flavors

Our cake and cookie flavors are each carefully crafted by our Master Bakers. If you don't see your favorite on the lists below, feel free to send us an inquiry.

Custom reservations booked 2-4 weeks in advance throughout the year
White Cake

Cake Flavors

Most Popular Cake Flavors

Butter Vanilla (Best Seller)
German Chocolate
Red Velvet
White Almond (Wedding Cake)
Specialty Cake Flavors

Chai Tea
Chamomile Tea
Italian Cream
London Fog (Vanilla Early Grey Tea)
Vanilla Bean
Gluten Free Vanilla 
Gluten Free Chocolate
Sugar Free Vanilla
Filling Flavors

Bavarian Crème
Icing Flavors
Specialty Flavors marked with *

Classic Buttercream (Best Seller)
Chocolate Buttercream
Chocolate Fudge

Chai Tea
Cookies & Cream
Cream Cheese
(necessary for some designs)
Lemon Buttercream
Strawberry Buttercream
Whipped(must be kept cold)

Best Selling Cookie Flavors

Brownie Bomb

Butter Pecan

Classic Oatmeal

Cranberry White Chocolate Chip

Cream Cheese Delight

Lemon Drop


Old-Fashioned Sugar

Peanut Butter

Pecan Chocolate Chip


Strawberries & Cream

Reese's Pieces

Triple Chocolate Chip

Seasonal Cookies

Unicorn Poop (Cotton Candy)

Red Velvet

Apple Cobbler

Maple Bcon

Kitchen Sink

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Snickerdoodle

Specialty Flavors

Special Order Only

Monster Cookie

Gluten Free

oatmeal & peanut butter cookie topped with M&M's

Shortbread Sugar

Reserved for in-store and custom decorated cookies

Best Sellers

Edible Art Brownie Bomb Gourmet Cookies_edited.png

Brownie Bomb

An eruption of chocolate brownies dusted with powdered sugar

Butter Pecan

Soft, buttered cookie filled with pecans and dipped in powdered sugar

Edible Art Cranberry White Chocolate Chip Gourmet Cookie.png
Edible Art Classic Oatmeal Gourmet Cookie.JPG

Classic Oatmeal

A thick cookie packed with rich flavors of cinnamon and brown sugar

Cranberry White Chocolate Chip

An oatmeal-based cookie sweet with sugar and white chocolate chips, infused with baked cranberries

Cream Cheese Delight

A fluffy twist on the classic sugar cookie blended with cream cheese

Edible Art Lemon Drop Gourmet Cookie_edited_edited.png

Lemon Drop

Reminiscent of lemon bars, a rich fruity lemon flavor and a light powdered sugar topping

Triple Chocolate Chip Gourmet Cookie.JPG

Triple Chocolate Chip

Chocolate chip cookie loaded with 3 types of chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt

Edible Art Snickerdoodle Gourmet Cookie.JPG


Delectable soft cookie loaded with cinnamon sugar

Edible Art Strawberries & Cream Gourmet Cookie_edited.png

Strawberries & Cream

Bursts of strawberry flavors with white chocolate chips and a light powdered sugar topping

Edible Art "Rock's" Peanut Butter Gourmet Cookie.png

Peanut Butter

Soft peanut butter cookie rolled in sugar

An old family favorite in honor of our owner's dad, "Rock"

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cookie Flavors

Edible Art Cream Cheese Delight Gourmet Cookie_edited.png