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It's your big day!
We thank you for the honor of helping make your day sweet and magical.

See our step-by-step guide for you below.

Cake Tasting reservations booked 2-4 weeks in advance throughout the year.
Weddings booked 3-6 months in advance throughout the year.
Cake Frosting

Book a Cake Tasting

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Cake Tasting Appointments
Contact or visit our studio to finalize your appointment!

When can I book an appointment? How long does it take?

Our dine-in cake tasting experience is available by reservation only on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons when our studio experiences the least interruptive client traffic. Appointments may be scheduled to begin between 2:30-4:00pm. We anticipate that the appointment takes one hour. If your appointment exceeds one hour, we will conclude your appointment and schedule you for a follow-up at another time.

Do I have to pay for the tasting in advance?
Yes. The cake tasting is $55 paid in advance for either the dine-in experience or the appointment. Each box is $55, and is a separate cost from the wedding reservation itself.
Wedding consultations are not available as walk-ins and do require an appointment with one of our Lead Designers. If follow-up appointments are needed after a dine-in cake tasting, a private hour with one of our Lead Designers is $25.

What if I cannot visit during the available dine-in cake tasting schedule?
If you are unable to join us for a dine-in cake tasting during our available appointment schedule, we invite you to reserve a take-home cake tasting, which is $55. This option does not include a consultation at the time of pickup, and its cost does not apply to the final balance of the wedding reservation.

For couples who are coming to us from a long distance or are otherwise unavailable during our appointment schedule, we also offer email consults, through which you share your design ideas and one of our Lead Designers returns a custom sketch for your review. This process is asynchronous and may take several emails to complete. 

What can I expect from a cake tasting and consultation appointment?
We anticipate that only 2 people join us for a tasting (typically the bride and groom). You are more than welcome to bring members of the bridal party or family members for their input during the consultation, but please do not bring more than a total of 4 people.

The dine-in cake tasting includes 2 matching arrangements of our bestselling cake flavors, icings, and fillings, prepared for a delightful self-serve experience. While we do not offer extra plate settings for this experience, we will be glad to prepare an additional take-home cake tasting for you to share.

At the start of your appointment, we begin with your reservation details and design work. A Lead Designer first asks you about your ideas or preferences and reviews any reference images or notes that you choose to bring with you. Then, your Designer will develop a custom sketch of your vision right there with you. While you have time to enjoy your cake tasting, your Designer will calculate your custom quote, and finally will review with you the details of our Contract and the final balance of your wedding reservation.

Book Your Wedding Date

How to Book Your Wedding Reservation
To formally reserve your wedding date and a time for either pickup or delivery, we require initials on each line and signatures at the bottom of our Wedding & Events Contract as well as a deposit to reserve the date and time of your event. 50% of the final balance is due 90 days in advance, and 100% payment is due 30 days in advance. 

If you are booking your wedding inside of our 90 day deadline, our payment deadlines still apply. 50% is due 90 days in advance, and 100% payment is due 30 days in advance. 

Please be advised that some design elements may not be feasible if a wedding is booked with less than 90 days' notice.

Do you offer delivery?
Yes! Our studio offers a professional delivery and setup service to any venue. Delivery guarantees the safe arrival of your items for an additional fee that is based on the address of your venue.

Our delivery schedule is booked on a first-come-first-served basis, which means that we may not be able to offer delivery for your wedding reservation if a certain date's delivery schedule is already booked. 

We anticipate that the dessert table is prepared in advance of our arrival. Our Designers are not responsible for obtaining, setting up, or building the table(s) or decorations onsite. Our Designers retain all authority to suggest to a planner, venue employee, or wedding member that certain cake stands or decorations should not be used for the safety of the items. 

Once our team has completed the setup, we are not responsible for deconstructing or moving the items if a planner or other party chooses to change the table arrangements. Our team is not responsible for returning to the venue if the items are damaged or moved after we have left.

We do not offer pickup or delivery services on Sunday.

Loss of Wedding Reservation
In the event that the wedding is postponed, we are happy to maintain your payment history and simply reschedule your date and time to the best of our ability. 

In the event that the wedding is cancelled, the deposit and additional expenses on behalf of our studio (such as purchasing ingredients, structural pieces, or paying an artist to sculpt time-consuming pieces in advance) are non-refundable, but the remainder of your balance can be refunded.

In the event that the wedding balance is not paid in full, or is otherwise behind on payment by our Contract's deadlines, the wedding reservation may become null and void. The deposit and additional expenses on behalf of our studio (such as purchasing ingredients, structural pieces, or paying an artist to sculpt time-consuming pieces in advance) will be non-refundable, and our studio will cancel the reservation.
Wedding Cake And Champagne Flutes On Table

Building Your Budget

Our Designers strive to make each wedding completely unique, which often means that your specific vision will need a custom quote. To receive a custom quote, please contact our studio directly via email, phone, or a personal visit.

We advise our clients that each cake design comes with its own unique design features, and the complexity of the design will greatly impact the final cost of the cake. 

In general, consider an estimate of $8-15 per serving for your starting budget.

Signature Wedding Cake Styles
The following styles are available as our studio's signature cake designs.
Flowers, toppers, or other decorations must be selected and provided by the client.

Naked or Semi-Naked
The cake shows through the icing with this style. It's perfect for couples who want a rustic look, or who simply want to avoid having a lot of icing.

The cake's icing maintains a consistent texture, such as horizontal or diagonal stripes as shown in the photos below.

3-tier (serves 75) $600
4-tier (serves 100) $800
Naked Style Wedding Cake
Stucco Style Wedding Cake
Naked Style
Stucco Style Wedding Cake.jpg
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