This cake blooms with the elegance of the richest gardens. Decorated expertly with the most complex of buttercream flowers, we offer you a sweetened bouquet right from our kitchen. This is perfect for elegant parties or a gift for Mom.

Fancy Floral Garden

Cake Flavor
Color Set
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Day Needed
  • At this time, we only promise same-day delivery for cakes ordered before noon. This way, we can guarantee the freshest and best quality cakes to be delivered before 3pm during our business week.

  • For the safety of our cakes, we do not offer shipping. We offer expert delivery, though, within the city limits of Longview, Texas, and with the guarantee that your cake will be as pristine from the moment it leaves our door to the moment it arrives at yours.

We offer each new customer a bite of the greatest state with our original shortbread decorated sugar cookie
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