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Custom Commissions Must Have 2 Weeks' Notice
Pricing and Custom Information Below
  • Gourmet Flavors
  • Seasonal Decorated
    • (Available in-store: no customization)
  • Custom Designs
  • Custom Cakes
  • "Just in Case" Cakes
    • (Available in-store: no customization)
  • Wedding Cakes
  • Seasonal Decorated
  • Custom Designs
Petit Fours
  • Seasonal Decorated
  • Custom Designs
Other Desserts (Made to order)
  • Cake Pops
  • Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries
  • Brownies
  • Pies (Limited to fall season)
Chocolate Chip Cookies

Gourmet Cookies

Best Selling Cookie Flavors
Triple Chocolate Chip
Strawberries & Cream
Lemon Drop
Cream Cheese Delight
Brownie Bomb
Butter Pecan
Pecan Chocolate Chip
Seasonal Cookie Flavors
Unicorn Poop (Cotton Candy)
Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Icing
Raspberry Elderflower
Gluten Free
Monster Cookie
(Oatmeal, Peanut Butter, M&M's)
Special Order Only
Baking Layout

How to Order Custom Cookies

Creating Your Cookies

Each design must be reserved in quantities of 6 for standard rates to apply.

Commissions of 1-5 cookies per design start at $9.95 before custom add-ons.

Standard Starting Costs

$3.95 each​

What this includes:

  • 1-4 colors on a single layer of icing

  • Individually packaged


Custom Add-Ons

Custom Letters, Personalization, or Writing: +$1/cookie


  • Accents or Detailing +$1/cookie

  • Complete/Nearly Complete Coverage +$3/cookie

Edible Sugar Images + $1/cookie

Petal Dust Shading + $1/cookie

Raised Lines, Vines, or Floral Work +$1/cookie

5 or more colors +$2/cookie

Hand-Painted Elements +$5/cookie

Hand-Drawn Icing Designs (raised) +$5/cookie

Custom Drawn Logo or Character $10.99+/cookie

Each custom cookie is a small canvas. When you request a specific design, you are asking an artist to create several edible 3.5"-5" art pieces .
If you don't see your design element(s) here, contact us!
Cake Frosting

How to Order a Custom Cake

Step 1: Size Choice

Most Popular: Recommended by number of servings




  • Quarter-Sheet: serves 20-24

    • Frosting-Iced: $39.99​

    • Fondant-Covered: $59.99

  • Half-Sheet: serves 40-48

    • Frosting-Iced: $59.99​

    • Fondant-Covered: $79.99

  • Full Sheet: 86-96

    • Frosting-Iced: $129.99​

    • Fondant-Covered: $159.99

  • 6": serves 10-12

    • Frosting-Iced: $39.99​

    • Fondant-Covered: $50

  • 8": serves 20

    • Frosting-Iced: $60​

    • Fondant-Covered: $90

  • 10" serves 30

    • Frosting-Iced: $90​

    • Fondant-Covered: $130

  • 6" x 8" Round (serves 32)

    •  $159​

  • 6" x 8" x 10" Round (serves 62)

    • $299

Designer's Note: To add height to a cake, simply request that any tier contain 3 inside layers rather than 2.

Step 2: Frosting & Filling

See Designer's Notes for culinary recommendations *


Fondant designs must be paired with buttercream*




Specialty Flavors +$10*

For Cake Tasting Selections, please scroll down to Weddings and Cake Tasting Information.

  • Classic Buttercream (most popular)

  • Cream Cheese Blend

  • Chocolate Buttercream

  • Chocolate Fudge

  • Cookies & Cream

  • Lemon Buttercream

  • Fondant *

  • Whipped

  • Apple

  • Bavarian Creme

  • Cherry

  • Lemon

  • Mango

  • Orange

  • Pineapple

  • Raspberry

  • Strawberry

  • Blueberry*

  • Butter Vanilla (Most Popular)

  • Carrot

  • Chai Tea

  • Chocolate

  • Elderflower*

  • German Chocolate

  • Lemon

  • Raspberry*

  • Red Velvet

  • Strawberry

  • Spice

  • White

  • White Almond

  • Gluten Free Butter Vanilla*

  • Gluten Free Chocolate*

Designer's Note:  If your design has any 3D elements, we recommend and occasionally insist on a fondant base, which must adhere to the cake with Classic Buttercream.*
If you don't see your desired flavor(s) here, contact us!

Step 3: Custom Artwork

Completely unique and customizable!




Many designs using standard frostings do not incur additional charges.

If your design requires highly detailed scroll or piping work: $30/tier

Fancy Cupcake Toppings: $3-10 each

Airbrushing: $10/tier

Metallic materials must be applied by hand​.

  • Gold leaf: $25-50/tier

Metallic paint (fondant base only)

  • Accent work: $15/tier

  • Completely painted: $50/tier

  • Accented sculpted pieces: $10+ each

2D Fondant Pieces

  • Edible Images: $10 each

  • Standing or Floating pieces: $10-50/tier

  • Simplistic pieces: $5-20 each

  • Hand-Painted elements such as figures or scenes: $30+ each

  • 2D Cupcake Toppers: $3-10 each

3D Fondant or Gumpaste Pieces​

  • Shapes or Animals: $10-50 each (varies with size and style)

  • Miniature purse and shoe set: $50

  • Full-size shoe: $50 each or $100/pair

  • Figurines or Structures: $25-50 each

  • Hand-painted elements such as figures or scenes: $30+ each

  • Gumpaste Flowers: $8-50+ each

  • Crowns: $35+ (before metallics or sugar crystals)

  • 3D Cupcake Toppers: $5-10+ each

Designer's Note: Draping, pleating, pearls, lacework, geode construction etc. is based on custom artistic labor and requires the attention of a Designer for a quote.
If you do not see your design element(s) here, contact us!

Step 4: Consult a Designer

Custom cakes stay booked about 2 weeks in advance. Contact us directly here, via email at, or (903)-234-2114.

We must finalize all design details and receive a 50% reservation deposit before a custom commission is confirmed.

View Custom Commission Terms and Conditions here.

Wedding Bouquet



Cake Tasting Information


Cake Tasting

Schedule a design consultation with our bridal design experts.

Tastings are scheduled with a prepaid $35, which reserves a 1-hour appointment with a designer and two matching plate settings for you and one guest. Due to limited studio space, we request that there are no more than 3 guests with you (a total of 4 people).

Plate Settings 

  • 6 cake flavors

  • 3 frosting flavors

  • Additional requests and charges (does not contribute to deposit)

    • Extra cake flavors after 6-- $5 each​

    • Extra frosting flavors after 3-- $5 each

    • Extra filling flavors--$5 each

    • Extra plate settings after 2 for additional guests-- $10 each

    • Cake flavors outside the list must be requested as smallest cake option (6" round) rather than only sample sizes-- $39

Scheduling Appointment

Appointments are available Wednesday and Thursday afternoons with appointment starting times available between 2:30-4PM. To schedule your appointment, use the following instructions.

  1. Choose your flavors

  2. Contact our studio with a scheduling request via email, phone, or in-person visit. We will verify availability directly.

  3. Pay $35 scheduling fee. If you choose to book with us during your appointment, this $35 will go towards your wedding deposit.

Cake Flavors  (Choose 6)

​Butter Vanilla (Best Seller)

Rich Chocolate





White Almond

Red Velvet

German Chocolate

Chai Tea



Frosting Flavors  (Choose 3)

Classic Buttercream

Chocolate Buttercream

Chocolate Fudge

Cream Cheese


Fondant *

Designer's Note:  If your design has any 3D elements, we recommend and occasionally insist on a fondant base, which must adhere to the cake with Classic Buttercream.*
If you don't see your desired flavor(s) here, contact us!

Cookie Towers 

A tall cookie cake perfect for weddings that strive for uniqueness!

Serving Sizes & Pricing

Frosting Options

2-Tier TALL: $199.99

  • Serves 45-50

  • 6 cookie cakes per tier (6" x 8")

2-Tier SHORT: $99.99

  • Serves 32-40

  • 4 cookie cakes per tier (6" x 8")

1-Tier 8": $60

  • Serves up to 20

1- Tier 6":  $40

  • Serves up to 12

Classic Buttercream (Most Popular)

Chocolate Buttercream


Whipped Icing must be refrigerated, especially if the cake is delivered several hours prior to serving. Ask a Designer for more details.
We strongly recommend our Classic Buttercream, both as our most popular frosting but also for tall cookie tower constructions.
Orange Jam and Cookies

Gift Boxes


Special Occasions and Holidays

If you customize your gourmet flavors, please choose 4 of each flavor for your box!

The Decorated Bundle $14.99

Shipping per box: $10

Little Black Box $19.99

Shipping per box: $15


Includes 3 hand-decorated shortbread cookies (individually wrapped) and a customized greeting card

  • Birthday Bundle (Most Popular)

    • Includes one "Happy Birthday!" cookie​

  • Seasonal Bundle

    • Our in-house designs for the season​

  • Custom Bundle (pricing may vary)​

    • Includes your custom design(s)​

Includes 6 of our delicious gourmet cookies and a customized greeting card

Big Black Box $34.99

Shipping per box: $15

Includes 12 of our delicious gourmet cookies  and a customized greeting card


Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

No Shipping Available

Fresh strawberries carefully dipped in Ghiradelli chocolate. Choose milk chocolate, white chocolate, or a beautifully designed half-and-half mix

  • Half-Dozen (6) $19.99

  • Dozen (12) $29.99

Strawberries Dipped.jpg

Sweet Sin-Sational Box $44.99

Shipping per box: $15


  • One-Pot package of locally brewed coffee

  • One Seasonal Snack Mix recipe

  • 4 delicious gourmet cookies

  • 2 Seasonal decorated cookies

  • 3 Specialty Cake Pops

Edible Art Gift Tower.JPG

Gift Box Tower (Build Your Own)

No Shipping Available

The ultimate collection of sweet treats! Choose the contents for both your large and small boxes, and we'll build you the sweetest tower

Choose Your Small Box (Top of Tower)

  • 6 gourmet cookies $19.99

  • Half-Dozen Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries $19.99

  • Designer's Choice Collection $24.99

Choose Your Large Box (Bottom of Tower)

  • 12 gourmet cookies $24.99

  • 1 Dozen Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries $29.99

  • Designer's Choice Collection $34.99

  • Sweet Sin-Sational $44.99

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Desserts and Pastries


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